An artist's impression of the western grounds

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Grounds planning application submitted

The Museum has applied for planning permission to continue with an ambitious transformation of its outdoor spaces.

The proposal will change how visitors and the local community experience the Museum and the natural world.

It will be a celebration of Earth's biodiversity, with a focus on creating an inspiring learning environment.

The Museum will have improved access and open-air galleries, encouraging people to connect with nature beyond their visit.

A new space will form a living connection between the natural world, and the collections and research inside the Museum. The proposal echoes the original design of the Grade I listed building, with extinct species represented in the east and living species in the west. 

An artist's impression of the grounds transformation

The transformation project will create the best possible experience for visitors © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London


Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum, says, 'We are prioritising nature, recognising the value of urban green spaces for both wildlife and human wellbeing.

'By creating an inspirational outdoor experience for all to enjoy, the living natural world becomes an integral part of visiting the Museum for more than five million people a year.

'Expanding the Museum experience beyond the galleries is part of a decade of transformation, as we work to challenge the way people think about nature and a sustainable future.'

Three new outdoor zones will be created, with the existing wildlife garden expanded to cover a space three times its current size.

An experienced project team is working with the Museum’s own world-class expertise in biodiversity and sustainability.

You can find out more about our vision for the grounds transformation by reading updates on the project.