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Are you tough enough? A deadly new exhibition opens at Tring

Based on the children's book starring the most dangerous creatures on Earth, an exhibition of fearsome specimens opens today at the Natural History Museum, Tring.

Armed and extremely dangerous

Skulls, jaws and specimens of the world's deadliest creatures are lined up and waiting to meet you at the Natural History Museum, Tring.

These ingenious predators are armed with the most violent methods of attack, including punching, poisoning, drowning and exploding. They'll employ the fiercest of tactics to stay alive.

These deadly creatures include:

  • Killer cats: big felines are the world's top predators. They work at night, when the rest of us can't see.
  • Scary sharks: can smell blood in the water kilometres away..
  • Creepy crocs: they may be big (more than 5m long) but they lie so still they're almost invisible... until they lunge out of the water with enough power to lift up a car.
  • African wild dogs: these boys have a bite more powerful than their cousin the wolf.
  • Sneaky sea creatures: small enough to hide beneath a lion's paw, but don't be fooled. They are fast and furious and pack a mean punch.

The exhibition, which runs until 6 July, is based on the leading children's book Deadly! by Nicola Davies, with illustrations by Neal Layton.

Nicola will be at the Natural History Museum, Tring today from 16.00 to 17.00 to sign copies of her book.