A gray langur monkey swinging from a tree in India's Bandipur National Park

Detail from A swinging time. © Thomas Vijayan

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King of the swingers

Thomas Vijayan's image of langurs in India's Bandipur National Park has been crowned winner of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award.

Vijayan travelled from Canada to India to photograph tigers and leopards. After a day on safari in Bandipur with no sight of the big cats, his attention was caught by a group of gray langurs playing on a nearby tree.

With the evening light descending, a small langur lowered itself down on the tails of two adults, using them to swing beneath a branch.

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A swinging time. © Thomas Vijayan

'Big cats are my favorite subjects in photography,' said Vijayan. 'But on this particular day, when the safari was almost over with no sighting of any big cats, everyone was looking around hopefully.

'I saw a few langurs playing on a tree, and it struck me that there was a chance for a good photograph. While everyone else was waiting for the tigers, I came back with this mesmerising moment.'

Winners on display

Vijayan's photograph was crowned winner of this year's People's Choice Award following a public vote. Almost 20,000 votes were cast across the 25 shortlisted images.

The top five images can be seen in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 online gallery.