Hundreds of drawers in a Museum collection space

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Hidden Treasures: the behind-the-scenes tours where you tell us what to explore

The Museum is home to 80 million objects, but only a tiny fraction of them ever goes on display.

If you've ever wanted to wander through our vast collections, now is your chance.

Join your host Conor O'Keeffe and Museum scientists for our new monthly interactive live stream series, Hidden Treasures, where you tell us which parts of the collection to visit and what specimens you want to find out more about.

Head over to our YouTube channel to get involved in the stream. Use the video chat to tell us which doors and drawers you want us to open as we explore. You can also send in your questions about what you see for our experts to answer.

Hidden Treasures streams on the first Friday of each month. 

Episode 3

Streaming 2 September 2022, 15.30 BST

Which collection should we visit in episode three? Head over to YouTube to vote in the comments for the mammal collection or plant collection.

Episode 2

The fish collection, with James Maclaine

Streamed 5 August 2022

Join host Conor and senior curator James Maclaine for a behind the scenes peek at the fishes stored in the Museum's Tank Room. 

Enjoy a closer look at the spirit collection, including deep sea anglerfishes and their parasitic partners, a giant sea bass and two whole great white sharks, and get your fill of fun facts, from tiny fish brains to how you squeeze an enormous oarfish into a specimen jar. 

Explore the spirit collection on your next visit to the Museum. 

Episode 1

The dinosaur collection, with Prof Paul Barrett

Streamed 1 July 2022

Join host Conor and palaeontologist Prof Paul Barrett on a trip down to the basement for a look around the Museum’s dinosaur collection

In this episode you get an up-close look at dinosaur specimens that are usually kept behind the scenes, including a giant sauropod leg bone, Edmontosaurus skin, a pocket-sized Hypsilophodon and an exclusive peek at Sophie the Stegosaurus's skull.

Discover more about how palaeontologists find dinosaurs