The Mission Jurassic dinosaur dig

In summer 2019, Museum palaeontologists joined an international team to dig for dinosaurs that lived around 150 million years ago.

Digging in the Jurassic Mile in northern Wyoming, USA, has already revealed a Brachiosaurus plus the bones of what could be a 30-metre-long Diplodocus.

Experts from the Museum spent a month on the site, sharing their expertise to help the team find not only dinosaurs but also prehistoric plants, fish and invertebrates.

Digging for dinosaurs

Find out about the excavations and follow the team's adventures.

Dr Susie Maidment, a dinosaur researcher at the Museum, tells us more about the expedition and what the palaeontologists hoped to find:

Explore the Jurassic

The team were searching for dinosaurs, plants and other animals that lived around 150 million years ago. Discover more about life in the Jurassic Period.