Biodiversity describes the incredible variety of life on Earth, along with the habitats it depends on - from tiny bacteria to mighty whales, rainforests to coral reefs. Explore species diversity around the world and how the Museum helps to monitor and protect it.

What does biodiversity mean?

The word biodiversity is a contraction of 'biological diversity'. Humans rely on biodiversity to survive.

Why is biodiversity important?

The benefits biodiversity brings are called ecosystem services. Biodiversity keeps us all alive, but it also helps to make our lives healthy and safe.

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Loss of biodiversity

Learn more about the state of Earth's biodiversity.

Our Broken Planet: The Podcast

Hear from scientists, activists and people at the forefront of the climate and biodiversity crises.

Threats to biodiversity

Why is biodiversity under threat? What's causing biodiversity loss?

How are climate change and biodiversity loss linked?

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are closely connected but the good news is, so are the solutions.

Discovering new species and monitoring biodiversity

Conservation of biodiversity

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