T. rex: The Killer Question

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Was it an active hunter - the traditional image of T. rex? Or was it a scavenger?

Or could it have been something in between - an opportunist and an ambush predator relying on easy pickings, whether alive or dead?

T. rex: The Killer Question is a 3D blockbuster exhibition that uses terrifying animatronics, casts, static models and graphical displays to engage visitors.

The exhibition is divided into five scenes, which encourage visitors to evaluate T. rex's size, the power in its legs, length of its arms, the sharpness of its teeth, to decide if its physical features were best suited to catch prey or to steal carcasses.

At the end, visitors decide which side of the scientific debate they support.

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To host this exhibition, you will need:

• minimum 600m2 display area
• environmentally controlled conditions
• 4.5m minimum gallery ceiling height and 6m in one area
• suitable doorway access
• air compressor and pipework to power the animatronic models
• translation and production of text, text panels and graphics
• skilled support staff to assist with installation and dismantling
• forklift, crane, hoist and other equipment required for access
• two scaffold towers for installation and dismantling
• cover transport costs
• insurance

T. rex: The Killer Question exhibition trailer

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