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The Museum provides up-to-date micropalaeontological information and resources to a wide range of clients.

The study and analysis of microfossils plays a vital role in biostratigraphy, while climate change research uses microfossils to understand how the environment has changed.

Micropalaeontology is often used across earth science disciplines to date sedimentary rocks of all geological ages. In more recent sediments, the geoarchaeological sector uses it to investigate development sites.

The Museum can assist on such projects by providing access to experienced experts, modern analytical equipment and international collections. We also offer:

  • accurate identification of fossils
  • palaeoenvironmental identifications and data
  • geoarchaeological consultancy
  • biostratigraphic borehole correlation
  • biostratigraphic surface surveys
  • production of high-quality, high-resolution, full-colour digital images of microfossils (this facility can be used to produce manuals on fossil taxa)

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