What's left to learn?

There is still much about whales that remains a mystery.

Scientists do not fully understand the way several species move, feed and interact.

A Blue Whale skeleton

Many whales are difficult to study because they spend their lives in deep offshore waters and shy away from boats.

For instance, scientists have been investigating the meaning of whale song for decades but have only just begun to decipher it.

Experts also don't know how deep some whales are capable of diving.

Blue whales are elusive creatures. It is hard to know exactly how long the oldest of them can live, but it is probably longer than any human. We also don't know how far certain blue whale populations migrate.

This specimen, alongside others in the Museum's collections, will help scientists of the future learn much more about these animals.

A range of new technology, from 3D surface scanning to genetic analysis techniques, can tell us more about this whale's life before it died, including its feeding habits and migratory patterns.

As technology continues to advance, it is hoped that more secrets will be revealed about blue whales and their lives.

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