Annual reviews

The blue whale in Hintze Hall

Our world is changing fast, and we are making critical choices at a time when people are more disconnected than ever from nature.

As a trusted scientific authority with a global reach, we are powerfully placed to help individuals, governments and society at large to create a future where people and the planet thrive.


Our highlights

  • Visits to the Natural History Museum in London rose from 4.5 million to 5.3 million - a 17% increase on last year..
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year was seen by nearly 140,000 visitors, while the Life in the Dark exhibition attracted 106,000 visitors.
  • A suite of new rooms for the Museum's Members and Patrons, the Anning Rooms, opened in September.
  • A traditional performance theatre was created inside the Museum's Jerwood Gallery for the first time. It hosted the award-winning show The Wider Earth, which told the story of Charles Darwin's five-year voyage on the HMS Beagle.
  • Dippy on Tour continued with stops in Birmingham, Belfast and Glasgow. Dippy has broken records in every other venue he has visited so far, and has now been seen by over one million people.
  • We were invited to the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos for the first time, and we showcased our world-renowned photography exhibition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
  • Our scientific community celebrated the launch SYNTHESYS+, a research collaboration with 30 other scientific institutions across 21 European nations, creating a Europe-wide collections infrastructure programme.
  • We joined forces with The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the University of Manchester and the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden to excavate the Jurassic Mile in Wyoming, an area rich in dinosaur and ancient fish fossils.