Person NameSelous; Frederick Courteney (1851-1917); Big game hunter/collector and zoologist
ForenamesFrederick Courteney
EpithetBig game hunter/collector and zoologist
ActivityTring correspondent.
Records associated with this person
TM/1/53/2Correspondence S: Selous; Scurp; Shelley; Sherman1900
DF ZOO/200/38/360Selous, [Frederick Courteney]1890
DF ENT/332/4/19/11Selous Collection1919
DF LIB/601/95Selous, F C Collection1978-1988
TM/1/5/6Correspondence S: Selous; Severin; Sharratt & Co1893
TR/1/1/29/566Selous, F C20 Jul 1908
TR/1/1/27/507Selous, [Frederick] [Courtney]29 Oct 1906
DF ZOO/200/28/311Selous, Frederick Courteney1885
DF ZOO/200/37/406Selous, [Frederick Courteney]1890
DF ADM/1004/665Selous Memorial1917-1953
TM/1/46/9Correspondence S: Selous; Semper; Severin1899
DF ZOO/232/5/1/4/9Harmer, S F5 Nov 1919
DF ZOO/200/25/340-340aSelous, Frederick Courteney24 Feb 1884
DF ZOO/200/27/419Selous, Frederick Courteney1885
DF ZOO/200/29/355-356aSelous, Frederick Courteney15 Jan 1886
DF ZOO/232/5/11/1/22Bryden, Olivia M.July, 1929
DF ZOO/200/21/360Selous, Frederick Courteney3 Feb 1882
DF ZOO/200/23/213-214Selous, Frederick Courteney1882
DF ZOO/200/23/379-380Selous, Frederick Courteney1882-1883
DF ZOO/211/2Dollman, J G: Catalogue of the Selous Collection of big game (1921)1921-1922
DF ZOO/236/1/262External Correspondence: Simmons, Dr Ken E.L.1986
PH/3/1/2157Gallery Photograph Album 3: Formation on the stairs - Unveiling of Selous Memorial10 Jun 1920
PH/3/1/1647Gallery Photograph Album 3: Formation on the stairs - Unveiling of Selous Memorial10 Jun 1920
DF ADM/1001/42Outgoing Letterbook11 Oct 1911 - 24 Apr 1912
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