Person NameHinton; Martin Alister Campbell (1883-1961); Keeper of Zoology
ForenamesMartin Alister Campbell
EpithetKeeper of Zoology
ActivityMuseum Staff: Appointed assistant in Department of Zoology 1921, shortly after put in charge of mammal collections; Deputy Keeper 1927; Keeper 1936; retired 1945.
Aged 12, after father's death, began work as a barrister's junior clerk in Goldsmith Building, Temple. Spare time spent in geology museums and collecting at gravel pits. 1897 went to work for John Cameron Graham, patent lawyer in Garden Court. Continued as Senior Clerk in 1908 to William Neill, Graham's successor, until Hinton left Temple in 1916.
1897-1905 legal vacations and spare time spent in Jermyn St Museum, Royal College of Surgeons and collecting trips. Age 16 read first paper on Pleistocene deposits of Ilford & Wanstead to Geologists' Association. Pleistocene stratigraphy & mammalian fauna a keen interest for the next 25 years.
1905 began regular visits to NHM. 1910 given status of Voluntary Worker in Geology Dept, working on catalogue of fossil rodents begun by Forsyth-Major. 1912 moved to Zoology Dept - worked with Barrett-Hamilton on Hebrides mammals. 1914 appointed by Colonial Office and BM Trustees to examine & report on late Barrett-Hamilton's papers re whales of South Georgia - work completed 1915, released for publication 1925.
Volunteered for army 1916 but rejected as medically unfit; worked in a munitions factory during war.
Awarded Lyell Fund of Geological Society 1916 for work on Pleistocene mammals; Fullerton Award of Geologists' Association 1922.
Zoological Secretary of the Linnean Society 1936-39, Vice-President 1939-40. Editor of mammal section of Zoological Record 1914-21. Vice-President of Zoological Society of London 1939-42, 1945-49. Elected to Royal Society 1934.
In retirement took up interest in astro-navigation and went on two cruises in MV City of Manchester 1955-56.
RelationshipsMarried Jane Marten in 1904, 3 children. Jane died 1948. Married Dr Dina Portway Dobson 1949. Related to de Carle Sowerbys of Shropshire.
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