Ref NoWP/9
Alt Ref NoWP9
TitlePapers re Lectures
DescriptionMs and print re public lectures given by Alfred Russel Wallace including some details of dates, places and payments. Topics include geographical distribution of species and colours in animals.

WP9/1 [1887-1894] Lists of lecturer
WP9/2 n/d Lectures on the Tropics
WP9/3 [1870s] Lectures on Ancient Continents
WP9/4 1888-1890 Lectures on Animal colouration
WP9/5 [1887] Lectures on Spiritualism
WP9/6 1909 Lectures on Darwinism
WP9/7 1907 Double drift theory of star motions

Name Alfred Russel Wallace
Related MaterialSee also letters from Alfred Russel Wallace in correspondence, items WP1/1-3 and WP1/5-7, which contain numerous references to lectures, and press cuttings from North American papers, WP14/2.
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PX473Wallace; Alfred Russel (1823-1913); Biologist1823-1913
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