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TitlePapers re Publications: Short works by Alfred Russel Wallace
DescriptionShort works by Alfred Russel Wallace and by Alfred Russel Wallace jointly with other authors, with related papers, in date order, including Mss, reprints, copies of journals, corrected proofs, press cuttings and correspondence. The series includes a reprint or final proof of Darwin and Wallace's 1858 Ternate paper on development of species, annotated by Alfred Russel Wallace, articles for the Encyclopaedia Britannica written jointly by Alfred Russel Wallace and William T Thiselton-Dyer, scientific papers on geology, evolution, geographical distribution of species and other topics, and letters to the editors of papers and journals on a variety of topics including spiritualism, unemployment, woman suffrage and war.
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Names: Alfred Russel Wallace, William Thiselton-Dyer
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