Ref NoWP/10
Alt Ref NoWP10
TitlePapers re Physiography examinations
DescriptionThree small cardboard folders apparently made from the covers of books or notebooks from which the original pages have been removed, bundled together with a sheet of paper with general title 'Examinations' in pencil in Alfred Russel Wallace's hand. They contain printed copies of Physiography (physical geography) elementary and advanced examinations, c. 1870-1897, and ms notes, mostly in Alfred Russel Wallace's hand, containing suggested questions, names of examiners, notes of examination (board) meetings, statistics, comments on the qualities of the candidates and copies of amusing answers to questions.

WP10/1 1870-1879 Examination papers
WP10/2 1870-1888 Examination papers
WP10/3 1880-1897 Examination papers & notes

Name: Judd, John Wesley, 1840-1916
Lockyer, Sir Joseph Norman, Knight, 1836-1920
Held_ByNHM General Library

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PX1485Judd; John Wesley (1840-1916); Geologist1840-1916
PX1551Lockyer; Sir; Joseph Norman (1836-1920); Knight; Astronomer1836-1920
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