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DescriptionCorrespondence between Alfred Russel Wallace and his friends, mother and siblings, wife Annie Wallace Nee Mitten, in-laws, children, colleagues, publishers and readers, with some early correspondence on family affairs between his mother and other members of the family.

WP1/1 1889-1911 Alfred Russel Wallace Letters to his son William Greenell Wallace
WP1/2 1889-1905 Alfred Russel Wallace Letters to his daughter Violet Isabel Wallace
WP1/3 1835-1893 Wallace Family: Correspondence of family members and others
WP1/4 1879-1903 Alfred Russel Wallace Letters to Annie Mitten/Wallace
WP1/5 1886-1887 Alfred Russel Wallace Letters from the USA and Canada
WP1/6 1899-1910 Letters to Alfred Russel Wallace from Fred Birch
WP1/7 1889-1910 Letters to Alfred Russel Wallace from Sydney Skertchly
WP1/8 1870-1913 Alfred Russel Wallace Miscellaneous Correspondence 1870-1913 A-Z
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PX5204Birch; Frederick R (fl 1897-1910)fl 1897-1910
PX5797Skertchly; Sydney Barber Josiah (1850-1926); Botanist and geologist1850-1926
PX5168Wallace; Violet Isobel (1869-1945); Miss; Teacher1869-1945
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