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Highly commended 2018

Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Photo Story

Jasper Doest, The Netherlands

Meet Bob

Bob is no ordinary flamingo. His life took a dramatic turn when he flew into a window leaving him severely concussed beside a hotel pool. Jasper’s cousin and local vet Odette Doest rescued him, but she was unable to return him to the wild due to his injuries and his over familiarity with humans.

Bob is now an ambassador for Odette’s conservation charity and wildlife rehabilitation centre Fundashon Dier & Onderwijs Cariben (FDOC). It is a varied role that sees him educate locals about the diverse wildlife of Curaçao in the Caribbean, and soothe other rescued birds. For Jasper ‘he is a rising star and a true ambassador’.

Technical specification

Image 1: Leica M-P + 21mm f3.4 lens; 1/180 sec at f16; ISO 500
Image 2: Leica M10 + 21mm f3.4 lens; 1/45 sec at f11; ISO 800
Image 3: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + 35mm f1.4 lens; 1/125 sec at f10; ISO 12800; Profoto flash
Image 4: Leica M-P + 35mm f2 lens; 1/125 sec at f6.8; ISO 1600
Image 5: Leica M-P + 35mm f2 lens; 1/125 sec at f9.5; ISO 5000
Image 6: Technical  details: Leica M10 + 21mm f3.4 lens; 1/45 sec at f5.6; ISO 10000; Profoto flash

Julianadorp, Curaçao: latitude 12.16957, longitude -68.99002 Julianadorp, Curaçao: latitude 12.16957, longitude -68.99002

Julianadorp, Curaçao

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Jasper Doest

Jasper Doest, The Netherlands

Jasper's work covers nature, conservation and travel. He is always aiming for a creative angle to make an emotional link with his audience. Based in the Netherlands, Jasper is a contributor to National Geographic Magazine and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

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  • Garbage picking
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