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Highly commended 2018

Wildlife Photojournalism

Morgan Heim, USA

One in a Million

Morgan found this black-tailed doe, its eyes not yet dulled by death, by a road. Returning at dusk, she brought flowers to arrange a funeral wreath around the deer as a roadside memorial. ‘I wanted it to have one last moment of grace in this world,’ she says. ‘To tell it “I see you and you were loved”.’

With an increasing number of cars on the road, roadkill is a common sight in America and it is estimated drivers kill more than a million vertebrates every day. Solutions such as wildlife overpasses, tunnels and reduced speed zones have decreased animal fatalities, but it is still a pressing issue.

Technical specification

Sony a9 + Canon 16–35mm f2.8 lens; Metabones adaptor; 30 sec at f11; ISO 500; Coloured bag + penlight; Benro tripod

Oregon, USA: latitude 46.165, longitude -123.924164 Oregon, USA: latitude 46.165, longitude -123.924164

Oregon, USA

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Morgan Heim

Morgan Heim, USA

Morgan brings her background in environmental journalism and zoology to conservation storytelling. She is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and former board member of the North American Nature Photography Association. Her images appear in outlets such as Smithsonian Magazine, World Wildlife, Discover, Nature Conservancy, Wired and Newsweek.