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Highly commended 2018

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Georg Kantioler, Italy

Ice-Cave Blues

Last time Georg tried to enter this ice cave, it was deemed too dangerous, due to excessive ice melt. But on this cooler day he made it in. With the sound of dripping water and the creak of the glacier shifting, he used natural light to capture the interior, including the distant larch trees and alpine scenery. ‘A breathtaking yet daunting experience,’ he says.

Glacier caves are often carved out by water running through or under a glacier’s ice. Unlike ice caves that are present all year round, glacier caves are seasonal. Global warming has caused some glaciers to completely disappear and others to retreat, meaning caves such as these are becoming less frequent or inaccessible.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Sigma 12–24mm f4 lens at 17mm; 1/5 sec at f20; ISO 200; Cable release; Manfrotto tripod + ballhead

Stelvio National Park, Italy: latitude 46.47105, longitude 10.373185 Stelvio National Park, Italy: latitude 46.47105, longitude 10.373185

Stelvio National Park, Italy

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Georg Kantioler

Georg Kantioler, Italy

Georg mostly works in his native Italy, in the South Tyrol region. He believes that as he lives there, there is no better place on Earth to harmonise the always-changing conditions of time and place. He has won several prizes in international competitions and served on competition juries.

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