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Jess Findlay, Canada

Fitting the Bill

Jess captured the intense focus of this great northern diver parent, a species that usually lays just one to three eggs. With food for its precious chick gripped in its beak, its piercing red eyes stand out from its smart summer plumage.

In the first few days of life, young great northern divers struggle to swallow even small fish. This parent is instead offering its chick a damselfly nymph. Parents lead them into shallow water, where the young birds can pluck small aquatic insects from the lake bottom and underwater vegetation.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 7D Mark II + 100–400mm f4.5–5.6 lens at 400mm; 1/250 sec at f5.6; ISO 1000

Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada: latitude 50.680172, longitude -120.32675 Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada: latitude 50.680172, longitude -120.32675

Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada

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Jess Findlay, Canada

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Jess spent his childhood hiking and birdwatching with his family throughout the Pacific Northwest. With help from his nature photographer father, his interest in the outdoors grew into a passion for artistically documenting living creatures and dramatic landscapes.

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