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Highly commended 2018

Behaviours Amphibians and Reptiles

Lorenzo Shoubridge, Italy

Sinuous Moves

Lorenzo watched quietly as the two adders swayed cheek to cheek, aware that even the smallest movement from him would distract the pair. Glad of the low angle, he isolated the intertwined bodies of the courting couple, softly blurring their surroundings in the light of a foreboding sky

These male and female adders are taking part in a courtship ritual. Bodies entwined, the pair will restlessly rise up and down, constantly shifting positions and on occasions vibrating their tails. If mating goes ahead, they will twist closer together, and the female will then give birth to up to 18 live young about three months later.

Technical specification

Nikon D700; 150mm f2.8 lens; 1/320 sec at f4.5; ISO 400

South Tyrol, Italy: latitude 46.07331, longitude 11.387522 
South Tyrol, Italy: latitude 46.07331, longitude 11.387522

South Tyrol, Italy

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Lorenzo Shoubridge

Lorenzo Shoubridge, Italy

From an early age Lorenzo has been passionate about animals and nature, but only realised his dream of pursuing a career as a nature photographer in 2011. He organises courses and photography tours in the field, and his work has been published in numerous newspapers as well as awarded in international competitions.