WPY 2017

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Finalist 2017

The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image

Steve Winter, USA

Saved but caged

‘A poacher’s snare cost this six-month-old cub its right front leg and his freedom,’ explains Steve. The tiger’s leg had been so badly mangled that the vets were forced to amputate, condemning the tiger to a life of captivity. Steve wanted to capture this young tiger's expression to highlight its pain, fear and suffering.

Snares are often used by families to catch small deer and other animals for food. But they are indiscriminate and capture tiger cubs as well. Despite the millions of dollars spent on tiger conservation, these beautiful animals have a bleak future. Today, fewer than 3,200 tigers cling to life in small, isolated pockets of wilderness.

Technical specification

Canon 5D Mark II; 24–105mm lens at 58mm; 1/45 sec at f5.6; ISO 400.

Aceh, Indonesia: latitude 4.651244, longitude 96.722244 Aceh, Indonesia: latitude 4.651244, longitude 96.722244

Aceh, Indonesia

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Steve Winter, USA

Steve became a National Geographic photojournalist in 1991 and specialises in photographing big cats. He lectures on photography and conservation issues, selling out venues from the Sydney Opera House to the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. He was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2008 and won first prize in the nature story category from World Press Photo in 2008 and 2014.

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