WPY 2017

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Finalist 2017

The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image

Charlie Hamilton James, UK

Children of the rainforest

Charlie was working in the remote Machiguenga community of Yomibato when he came across Yoina and her pet tamarin. Every day, she would go for a swim taking her tamarin with her. ‘I have no idea why,’ says Charlie. ‘The tamarin hated it and spent the whole time clambering onto her head to escape the water.’

Yoina’s tribe have inhabited the protected rainforest of Yomibato for generations and have earned the right to hunt animals (without guns) for food. The tribe consider themselves part of nature and take just enough to ensure their and the forest’s survival. When monkeys carrying young are killed, the babies are often kept as pets and later released.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1D X; 85mm f1.2 lens; 1/640 sec at f1.4; ISO 200.

Manú National Park, Peru: latitude -12.040901, longitude -71.72326 Manú National Park, Peru: latitude -12.040901, longitude -71.72326

Manú National Park, Peru

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Charlie Hamilton James, UK

Charlie is a National Geographic magazine photographer who specialises in conservation issues with particular interest in Africa and the Amazon.

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