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Finalist 2017

Animal Portraits

Klaus Nigge, Germany

Bold eagle

After several days of constant rain the bald eagle was soaked to the skin. ‘As the eagle edged nearer, picking up scraps, I lowered my head, looking through the camera to avoid direct eye contact,’ says Klaus. His low perspective and simple composition concentrates the portrait on the eagle’s expression, enhanced by the overcast light.

Opportunists with a penchant for fish, bald eagles gather at Dutch Harbor to take advantage of the fishing industry’s leftovers. After dramatic declines in the twentieth century, the species has started to recover, but the birds are still poisoned by eating carrion containing toxic lead ammunition. A ban was recently overturned in the USA.

Technical specification

Nikon D200; 200–400mm f4 lens and 1.4x extender; 1/80 sec at f10; ISO 500.

Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island, Alaska, USA: latitude 54.637882, longitude -165.02861 Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island, Alaska, USA: latitude 54.637882, longitude -165.02861

Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island, Alaska, USA

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Klaus Nigge

Klaus Nigge, Germany

Klaus is a professional photojournalist with a degree in biology. He is a past president of GDT (the Society of German Nature Photographers). His stories are published in several magazines, mainly in National Geographic and GEO. He has also published five books, on Kamchatka, American bald eagles, European bison, European cranes and whooping cranes.

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