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Finalist 2017

Animal Portraits

Sergey Gorshkov, Russia

Arctic treasure

Enchanted by its rugged beauty, Sergey finds any excuse to return to Wrangel Island. With no supplies available, he has to bring everything by helicopter – this two month trip took a year to plan. Collaborating with researchers, Sergey worked from shelters at the edge of the snow goose colony to reduce his impact on the inhabitants of this frozen world.

In late May, a quarter of a million snow geese arrive on Wrangel Island – the world’s largest breeding colony. Opportunistic Arctic foxes take advantage of the feast, stealing eggs and caching them for leaner times. But the geese and foxes are well matched – it would have taken luck and cunning to win this prize.

Technical specification

Nikon D300S; 600mm f4 lens; 1/1250 sec at f5; ISO 800; Gitzo tripod and Wimberley head.

Wrangel Island, Russia: latitude 71.250145, longitude -179.97961 Wrangel Island, Russia: latitude 71.250145, longitude -179.97961

Wrangel Island, Russia

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Sergey Gorshkov

Sergey Gorshkov, Russia

Sergey is the founding member of the Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers. His images are printed in magazines around the world and he has garnered awards in Russia, the UK, Italy and France. He also organises personal exhibitions and seminars in Russia and Europe.

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