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Winner 2017

Animal Portraits

Peter Delaney, Ireland/South Africa


Peter had spent a long, difficult morning tracking chimpanzees through dense undergrowth. ‘Photographing in a rainforest with dim light and splashes of sunlight means your exposure settings are forever changing,’ he says. Keeping his camera at its optimum ISO setting meant a slow shutter speed, so it was hard to keep a sharp focus without a tripod.

The troop of 250 chimpanzees had spent the morning high in the canopy. Totti, named after an Italian footballer, is a favourite with the rangers, but perhaps not the ladies. After trying everything to entice a female to join him on the ground – posturing, gesturing and calling seductively – he gave up and flopped onto the forest floor.

Technical specification

Fujifilm X-T1; 50–140mm lens at 140mm; 1/75 sec at f2.8 (–1.3 e/v); ISO 3200.

Kibale National Park, Uganda: latitude 0.486691, longitude 30.389149 Kibale National Park, Uganda: latitude 0.486691, longitude 30.389149

Kibale National Park, Uganda

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Peter Delaney

Peter Delaney, Ireland/South Africa

In 2001, Peter decided to quit his career in finance to pursue his dream of travelling Africa in a four-wheel drive. He has spent years in the African wilderness looking for unique photographs to showcase the rich variety of wildlife and the beautiful landscape that Africa has to offer.

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