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Winner 2017

10 Years and Under

Ekaterina Bee, Italy

In the grip of the gulls

Setting out to sea, Ekaterina and her parents were looking for white-tailed sea-eagles. But five-year-old Ekaterina was more interested in the cloud of herring gulls that surrounded the small boat, attracted by her bread. She snapped this image, engrossed in the noise, the wing beats and the colours of their feet and beaks among the whirl of white.

The impressive white-tailed sea-eagles of Nord-Trøndelag attract many visitors and photographers and so the more common herring gulls are not usually the focus. Often considered pests because of their gregarious nature and habit of stealing food, silver-backed herring gulls are a symbol of the coast in many countries.

Technical specification

Nikon D90; 18–70mm f3.5–4.5 lens at 18mm; 1/320 sec at f11 (+0.7 e/v); ISO 400.

Nord-Trøndelag, Norway: latitude 64.91061, longitude 10.875961 Nord-Trøndelag, Norway: latitude 64.91061, longitude 10.875961

Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

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Ekaterina Bee

Ekaterina Bee, Italy

Ekaterina is interested in nature and enjoys swimming, dancing, photography and ice skating. She speaks Italian and Russian and is also beginning to learn English.