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Winner 2016

Under Water

Tony Wu, USA

Snapper party

Tony was surprised there weren’t many photos of the two-spot snapper mass spawning – until he hit the water. The currents were strong and unrelenting and his first attempt failed. But by positioning himself so the action came to him, Tony captured this dynamic arc of spawning fish in the oblique morning light.

Thousands of two-spot snappers gather to spawn each month around Palau. Tony was intrigued to see the usually red fish rapidly change colour during mating to a multitude of hues and patterns. Predators will soon arrive to take advantage of the bounty, but strong currents will drag a few lucky eggs into the open ocean.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 15mm f2.8 lens; 1/200 sec at f9; ISO 640; Zillion housing; Pro One optical dome port.

Shark City dive site, Palau: latitude 7.273783, longitude 134.18594 Shark City dive site, Palau: latitude 7.273783, longitude 134.18594

Shark City dive site, Palau

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Tony Wu

Tony Wu, USA

Since 1995, Tony has been combining his love of visual art with his interest in the marine world through underwater photography. He now focuses on photographing cetaceans and documenting spawning aggregations of fish. Tony uses his photographs and writing to encourage others to appreciate and protect the beauty of the oceans. He is also a frequent public speaker.

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