WPY 2016

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Finalist 2016

The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image

Britta Jaschinski, Germany/UK

No voice, no choice

Three times a day, this orang-utan steps from its cage into the limelight, dressed in a costume to accompany a clown. Behind the applause, a darker world exists for animals forced to perform. ‘I try to give dignity to these badly treated sentient beings,’ Britta says. ‘I want my photography to give them a voice.’

Bornean orang-utans are endangered. Many are captured from the wild for the illegal pet trade and sadly some end up on stage performing, like this orang-utan at Chimelong International Circus in China. Audiences are often unaware of the level of cruelty these animals face – enduring brutal training, neglect and abuse.

Technical specification

Nikon F4; 85mm lens; 1/125 sec at f5.6; Kodak Professional Tri-X-Pan 400 film.

Guangzhou, China: latitude 23.113983, longitude 113.25665 Guangzhou, China: latitude 23.113983, longitude 113.25665

Guangzhou, China

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Britta Jaschinski, Germany/UK

Britta is based in London but her passion to protect animals takes her across the globe. She is the co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime, an international group of award-winning photographers who joined forces to use their images to help bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade. Britta's work has been published and exhibited worldwide, including in more than 25 solo shows.

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