WPY 2016

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Finalist 2016

Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish

Christophe Salin, France

Creature from the slime

‘The water was so murky, it was impossible to take pictures,’ Christophe explains. He finally set up his shot where a fountain overflowed into a series of pools ‘beautiful with algae’. Angling his camera downwards he captured the moment a toad rose up ‘like a creature from the abyss,’ its copper-coloured eyes glinting.

In early spring common toads are on the move in Sarthe, migrating along traditional routes from their overwintering sites among logs and under leaves in the forest to their breeding ponds. The males often start moving first, waiting in the pond for females to arrive or loitering close by for those passing.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 17-40mm f4 lens; 1/500 sec at f5; ISO 3200; Ewa Marine housing.

Sarthe, France: latitude 47.791607, longitude 0.412442 Sarthe, France: latitude 47.791607, longitude 0.412442

Sarthe, France

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Christophe Salin

Christophe Salin, France

Christophe specialises in the wildlife, flora and landscape of Europe. Initially a researcher in ecology, he is now primarily a wildlife photojournalist. He uses the medium to tell the stories of species and habitats, and to raise awareness of the preservation of biodiversity.