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Winner 2016

Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish

Marco Colombo, Italy

Little treasure

Marco had to stay focused on the European pond turtle as it glided swiftly across the shadows on the lookout for prey, stirring up clouds of mud. As sunbeams fell through the gaps in the riverside vegetation, Marco captured this atmospheric portrait. ‘Conveying a sense of place was essential,’ explains Marco.

The shy European pond turtle, which spends most of its time submerged at the bottom of muddy waters, is threatened by water pollution, habitat loss and invasive American red-eared terrapins. Populations are also threatened by the pet trade – their bright yellow- or gold-flecked shells are attractive to collectors.

Technical specification

Nikon D90; Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 lens at 10mm; 1/60 sec at f11; ISO 400; Isotta housing.

Sardinia, Italy: latitude 40.72403, longitude 8.544428 Sardinia, Italy: latitude 40.72403, longitude 8.544428

Sardinia, Italy

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Marco Colombo

Marco Colombo, Italy

Marco works as a naturalist, wildlife photographer and science communicator. His photographs have won several awards and, along with his papers, have been published in several magazines. He is the author of several books - his latest is I Tesori del Fiume. Marco also leads photo workshops to increase knowledge of species behaviour and identification.

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