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Winner 2016


Valter Binotto, Italy

Wind composition

Using a long exposure to capture the drifts of pollen and a reflector to highlight the catkins, Valter took many shots of this hazel tree before the wind finally delivered his desired composition. ‘The hardest part was capturing the female flowers motionless while the catkins were moving,’ explains Valter.

Hazel trees have both male and female flowers. Each green male catkin produces millions of microscopic pollen grains. To be successful at least one must be carried on the wind to reach the tiny red female flowers of another tree. The hazel’s protein-rich pollen is a valuable resource for bees in early spring.

Technical specification

Nikon D4; 200mm f4 lens; 1/80 sec at f10; ISO 200; remote shutter release; Gitzo tripod and Benro head; reflector.

Possagno, Italy
: latitude 45.85107, longitude 11.872946 Possagno, Italy
: latitude 45.85107, longitude 11.872946

Possagno, Italy

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Valter Binotto

Valter Binotto, Italy

Valter seeks to promote nature conservation through his photography. He believes that if people respect nature, we will be able to protect it and raise awareness for future generations. Valter works with nature conservation associations to organise events connected to nature and photography.

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