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Imre Potyó, Hungary

Swarming under the stars

Imre was captivated by the chaotic mass of mayflies swarming around him on the banks of the River Rába. Just after sunset, the insects began to fill the air with millions of silken wings, smothering Imre and his equipment. An in-camera double exposure and a flashlight enabled him to capture the mayflies and the stars beyond.

Each year, vast numbers of adult mayflies emerge from this Danube tributary, having spent most of their lives underwater. Taking flight for just a few hours, they swarm to overwhelm predators and improve their chance of finding a mate. The return of these pollution-sensitive insects to some European rivers shows clean-up efforts are working.

Technical specification

Nikon D90; Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 lens at 17mm; double exposure 1.3 sec at f14 and 30 sec at f3.2; ISO 800; in-camera flash; flashlight; Manfrotto tripod and Uniqball head.

River Rába, Rábahídvég, Hungary: latitude 47.08366, longitude 16.699907 River Rába, Rábahídvég, Hungary: latitude 47.08366, longitude 16.699907

River Rába, Rábahídvég, Hungary

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Imre Potyó

Imre Potyó, Hungary

Imre is a scientific researcher based in Hungary, who took up photography in 2007. He enjoys unique and unusual atmospheres, such as night time and blue hour. He recently began participating in national and international competitions with much success.

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