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Finalist 2016


Quentin Martinez, France

Ridge of thorns

Conducting research for a scientific study, Quentin came across a green iguana asleep on a fence. As his colleague took pictures from the other side, Quentin noticed this striking silhouette, revealed by a headlamp. Its thorny profile is ‘like an ancient mountain range in fading light, weathered by the passing of time,’ says Quentin.

Growing up to 1.7 metres long, green iguanas have an impressive crest of comb-like spines, three centimetres high. These may help regulate temperature or act as camouflage, breaking up the iguana’s outline. Male iguanas are fiercely aggressive, fighting over potential mates – this one might have damaged a few spines in a battle.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 7D; 100mm f2.8 lens; 1/50 sec at f8; ISO 800; Fenix LED headlamp.

Macouria, French Guiana: latitude 5.029536, longitude -52.56215 Macouria, French Guiana: latitude 5.029536, longitude -52.56215

Macouria, French Guiana

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Quentin Martinez

Quentin Martinez, France

Quentin specialises in photographing reptiles and amphibians. He studies in the field of evolutionary biology. His assignments have taken him to work in South America, Indonesia and Malaysia.