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Finalist 2016

Black and White

Nicola Di Sario, Italy


As the Sun set over Lake Awasa, Nicola was captivated by the starlings as they settled down in the tree for the night. Despite this starling’s vibrant plumage and bright yellow-orange eyes, Nicola chose to shoot in black-and-white, capturing the shadowy atmosphere and letting the bird’s eye gleam against the darkness.

This small woodland bird is common in many areas of Africa. Lesser blue-eared glossy starlings embellish their environment with their bright colours. Their iridescence comes from the structure of their feathers, and each bird is a riot of shades of blue, green and purple.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark II; 500mm f4 lens; 1/500 sec at f4; ISO 1000; Sirui tripod.

Lake Awasa, Ethiopia: latitude 7.0445833, longitude 38.45547 Lake Awasa, Ethiopia: latitude 7.0445833, longitude 38.45547

Lake Awasa, Ethiopia

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Nicola Di Sario

Nicola Di Sario, Italy

Born and raised in Abruzzo, Italy, Nicola has been an amateur nature and wildlife photographer for more than 10 years. Although always interested in wildlife, he initially focused on street and travel photography before turning to nature and astrophotography. His photos have been featured in magazines and books, and he has received awards at national and international competitions.