WPY 2016

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Finalist 2016

10 Years and Under

Morgan Wolfers, USA

Tiger pearls

Morgan discovered the many-spotted tiger moth on the wall just outside his front door and was captivated as the female started to lay its eggs. With summer storms raging around his home in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Morgan feared for the eggs, and so leant a board against the wall to shelter them.

Tiger moths have highly evolved defences to protect them from insect-eating bats and other predators. Their beautifully chequered wing patterns not only help to break up their outline making them harder to see but also alert predators to their toxic body. They can even emit sounds to alert approaching bats to their foul taste.

Technical specification

Nikon Coolpix L840; 1/60 sec at f5.4; ISO 125.

Conifer, Colorado, USA: latitude 39.52146, longitude -105.30518 Conifer, Colorado, USA: latitude 39.52146, longitude -105.30518

Conifer, Colorado, USA

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Morgan Wolfers

Morgan Wolfers, USA

As a nature and wildlife photographer from the Rocky Mountains, Morgan is surrounded by beautiful nature scenes every day. He enjoys photography because it allows him to share his view of nature with others.