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Finalist 2015

Under Water

Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain

It came from the gloom

In the freezing cold waters of the Antarctic, Jordi had just five minutes to find subjects, before facing decompression or hypothermia. He had time to capture this Atolla jellyfish – 15 centimetres across – lit by strobes in the dark. When a group of gentoo penguins zoomed across the frame, ‘I just managed to catch the last one,’ he says. When threatened, Atolla flash blue or release a bioluminescent secretion to distract predators while they escape, earning them the nickname alarm jellyfish. Usually found up to 4,000 metres down, their rich red colour helps to camouflage them in the dark.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + 8-15mm f4 lens at 15mm; 1/100 sec at f10; ISO 320; Seacam housing; x2 Seaflash 150D strobes.

Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula: latitude -64.44593, longitude -63.120403 Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula: latitude -64.44593, longitude -63.120403

Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsula

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Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain

Jordi is a freelance photographer based in Barcelona. He specialises in photographing the underwater world, capturing both wildlife and human activity. His work has been published in magazines and books, and has been used by conservation organisations. His photography has also garnered awards in many competitions.

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