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Finalist 2015

Under Water

Fabien Michenet, France

It came from the deep

At night in the Pacific Ocean, intriguing creatures migrate up from the depths to feed. This juvenile octopus, for example, is just two centimetres across. ‘One of them stopped in front of me,’ says Fabien, ‘waving its tentacles gracefully’. Minding not to disturb it with a strong flash, Fabien captured the unseen world of this diminutive octopus. Transparent body tissues camouflage this tiny octopus. Along its arms are orange founder chromatophores – early stages of the pigment-containing cells that enable adult octopuses to change colour. The digestive gland and ink sac, in the main part of the body known as the mantle, are surrounded by reflective tissues, making them less visible too.

Technical specification

Nikon D800 + 60mm f2.8 lens; 1/320 sec at f18; ISO 200; Nauticam housing; two Inon Z-240 strobes.

Tahiti, French Polynesia: latitude -17.725021, longitude -149.64278 Tahiti, French Polynesia: latitude -17.725021, longitude -149.64278

Tahiti, French Polynesia

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Fabien Michenet, France

Fabien is an underwater photographer who has lived in French Polynesia for the past six years. His images of rich marine wildlife focus on everything from the smallest animals on a reef to sharks and whales. He has recently completed night-dives off the coast of Tahiti, documenting the diversity of life that migrates up from the deep after dark.

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