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Amir Ben-Dov, Israel

The company of three

Amir spent many days observing the strange relationship between these three red-footed falcons. The grey male and two young females were often together, in close physical contact, preening and touching. Here, one female nudges the male with its claw then flies up to make space for the third bird. The reason for their behaviour is a mystery. Despite being social birds, roosting and migrating in large colonies, red-footed falcons tend to maintain a degree of personal space. The closest relationships are usually pairbonds, or parents with first-year chicks. These birds will have been resting here in Israel on their way from eastern Europe to their wintering grounds in Africa.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1D X + 500mm f4 lens; 1/1600 sec at f8 (+0.33 e/v); ISO 500.

Beit Semesh, Israel: latitude 31.783476, longitude 34.926945 Beit Semesh, Israel: latitude 31.783476, longitude 34.926945

Beit Semesh, Israel

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Amir Ben-Dov

Amir Ben-Dov, Israel

Amir is a businessman, but has been photographing birds since 1979. He has recently spent time researching and photographing the rock nuthatch and black kite bird species.