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Finalist 2014

Plants and Fungi

Silvio Tavolaro, Italy

Snow stand

On a freezing winter’s day, Silvio was driving home across Monte Livata, Lazio, in the heart of Italy, when a stand of beeches caught his eye. It had just stopped snowing, and the branches of the trees were delicately edged in white. He stopped the car to take in the atmosphere and beauty of the scene. In summer, the beech-leaf canopy blocks out the sun, preventing all but the most shade‑tolerant species from growing beneath, but for now, snow had found its way through to carpet the woodland floor. ‘I was struck by the silence and wanted to convey the sense of peace and lightness.’ Resting his camera on the car door and adjusting the exposure to bring out the contrast between the snow-clad branches and the trunks in the darkness below, he captured the stillness of the moment, before continuing on his way.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Sigma 70–200mm f2.8 lens at 70mm; 1/640 sec at f8; ISO 800.

Monte Livata, Lazio, Italy: latitude 41.9383, longitude 13.1376 Monte Livata, Lazio, Italy: latitude 41.9383, longitude 13.1376

Monte Livata, Lazio, Italy

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Silvio Tavolaro

Silvio Tavolaro, Italy

Silvio has always loved nature and started photographing it in 2006. His aim is to capture the emotions that the natural world evokes. His photographs, many taken in his native Italy, have won several awards and been published in national magazines. He currently works in the electricity sector but aspires to be a professional nature photographer.