WPY 2014

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Finalist 2014

Black and White

Gavin Leane, Ireland

Snow shroud

Walking along the coast of Dublin, Ireland, in February, Gavin came across a dead fox. ‘It seemed to have died naturally,’ he says, a rare sight in this built-up area where it is more usual to see roadkill. ‘I took some shots and admired its beauty, before returning home.’ Later that night it snowed. Hoping for a different kind of image, Gavin retraced his steps the next day. ‘The fox was newly shaped with a shroud of snow,’ he says. ‘I found it gorgeous – so peaceful – but also reflecting the coldness of death and the vulnerability of the wild.’ Gavin framed his shot with a 50mm lens, beloved of portrait photographers and ideal for low light. He converted the picture to black and white to concentrate on the bare essentials and mood of the scene.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D + 50mm f1.4 lens; 1/1600 sec at f1.4; ISO 125.

Dublin, Ireland: latitude 53.3608, longitude -6.18214 Dublin, Ireland: latitude 53.3608, longitude -6.18214

Dublin, Ireland

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Gavin Leane

Gavin Leane, Ireland

Based in Dublin, Ireland, where he was born, Gavin teaches young adults with special needs and challenging behaviours, a job that he loves. Away from work, photography is his passion and his refuge, and the natural world is where he feels most at home. Combining these interests in his nature photography has given him countless happy and fulfilling moments.