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Finalist 2014

Amphibians and Reptiles

Ingo Arndt, Germany

Transparent care

A beam of sunlight shines down through a leaf and the translucent skin of a tiny reticulated glass frog clinging to its underside. The male is guarding a clutch of maturing eggs, stuck to each other and to the leaf with jelly. It will guard them for two weeks until the tadpoles hatch and drop into the stream below. Males will wrestle other males in defence of their patches and in their attempts to attract females to their spawning leaves. They will also fend off predatory wasps intent on taking the eggs. The behaviour and transparency of glass frogs have always fascinated Ingo, so he travelled to Costa Rica in search of them. Transparency is the perfect camouflage, but Ingo managed to find a number of brooding males clinging to leaves beside a small stream in the Piedras Blancas National Park. Some were guarding several clutches of eggs. With the aid of a ladder, he got his shots.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III + 100mm f2.8 lens; 1/45 sec at f11; ISO 250; Gitzo tripod.

Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica: latitude 8.65435, longitude -83.1793 Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica: latitude 8.65435, longitude -83.1793

Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica

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Ingo Arndt

Ingo Arndt, Germany

Since childhood Ingo has spent all of his free time outdoors. After finishing school he became a professional photographer. He travels the globe photographing animals and their habitats, and his work is published in magazines such as GEO, National Geographic and BBC Wildlife. Ingo has received numerous awards, including from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, GDT (the Society of German Nature Photographers) and World Press Photo.

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