WPY 2014

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Finalist 2014

Amphibians and Reptiles

Ewald Neffe, Austria

Eye of the spawn

When hundreds of moor frogs arrived at a spawning pond in Ewald’s home town of Burgau, Austria, it was time for him to pull on his waders. The males – the most visible on top of the females – had turned from dull brown to intense blue, and the water boiled with the mass of mating and egg-laying couples. Ewald slowly inched towards them until he was standing waist‑deep in the freezing water and then started to compose his shots. Through his viewfinder he suddenly became aware that one of the eggs had been transformed into an eye and appeared to be staring at him. Gradually the frog raised

Technical specification

Nikon D300 + Sigma 150mm f2.8 lens; 1/500 sec at f6.3; ISO 250.

Burgau, Austria: latitude 47.1422, longitude 16.096 Burgau, Austria: latitude 47.1422, longitude 16.096

Burgau, Austria

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Ewald Neffe

Ewald Neffe, Austria

About 30 years ago, Ewald got the nature photography bug, not realising that it was incurable. He is fascinated by everything from landscapes to plants, animals and the tiniest details. Working mostly in his native Austria, he uses colours, shapes and light to capture the essence of nature and evoke emotions. He has produced several books and won many awards.