WPY 2014

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Finalist 2014

11-14 Years

Will Jenkins, United Kingdom

Green dragon

Relaxing at his hotel at the end of a Costa Rican family holiday, Will was planning to spend the day hanging out by the pool and surfing – until the green iguana jumped down from the hotel roof. Will grabbed his camera. ‘I love stories about dragons, and I wanted a big picture for my wall that would make me smile every day,’ says Will. ‘I also wanted to impress my dad and brother with a shot of the biggest iguana I’d ever seen.’ The metre-long lizard made its way to the top of a rock. Will edged closer. ‘I tried to keep to the shadows, hiding behind one sunbed, then the next, so as not to scare it.’ Selecting a wide aperture to make his subject stand out, Will carefully focussed on its eye. ‘The iguana sunbathed for about 20 minutes before heading to the beach. It made me realise you should always have your camera with you, just in case.’

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + 70–200mm f2.8 lens at 200mm; 1/200 sec at f4; ISO 100.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica: latitude 10.2946, longitude -85.8485 Tamarindo, Costa Rica: latitude 10.2946, longitude -85.8485

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Will Jenkins

Will Jenkins, United Kingdom

Will has been a keen photographer for the past five years (since he was six), spurred on by his success in several competitions. He also enjoys hands-on work with wildlife, assisting his grandmother, who rescues hedgehogs and helps at an animal sanctuary. He has recently started making films and has ambitions to be either a zoologist or a wildlife television presenter.

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