WPY 2013

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Specially commended 2013

Animals in their Environment

Alessandro Bee, Italy

Little bird, big water

Alessandro spent a week in Argentina photographing the magnificent 80-metre cascades of the famous Iguaçu Falls. Early one morning, he became aware of white-eyed parakeets flying back and forth in front of the cascade and over the top of the falls. It was a mystery what they were doing, but he became fascinated by them and spent the next few hours trying to capture a shot as the birds flew daringly close to the pounding water. 'I wanted to highlight the striking contrast between the raw power of the falls and such an elegant little bird, looking so vulnerable against the thundering water backdrop.'

Technical specification

Nikon D3s + 80-200mm f2.8 lens; 1/1000 sec at f7; ISO 200.

Misiones Province, Argentina: latitude -26.9377, longitude -54.4342 Misiones Province, Argentina: latitude -26.9377, longitude -54.4342

Misiones Province, Argentina

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