WPY 2013

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Commended 2013

Animal Portraits

Łukasz Bożycki, Poland

Eye of a toad

Early spring sees a pond near Łukasz's home city of Warsaw, Poland, full of mating frogs and a few toads. On this March day, Łukasz shared the pond with them for an evening, sitting in the icy water in his chest-high waders, keeping as still as possible, despite the numbing cold, so that the amphibians could get used to him. 'I wanted to find a fresh way of portraying the amphibians,' he says, 'at water level.' Using a telephoto lens, he focused on one lone toad and waited for the sun to dip almost below the horizon before pressing the shutter, using flash to bring out the details in the shadow. His prize was 'the glorious pool of sunset colour' and fiery glow of the toad's eye.

Technical specification

Nikon D80 + 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens + extension tube; 1/125 sec at f9 (-2.3 e/v); ISO 100; built-in flash.

Warsaw, Poland: latitude 52.2297, longitude 21.0122 Warsaw, Poland: latitude 52.2297, longitude 21.0122

Warsaw, Poland

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Łukasz Bożycki, Poland

A scientist carrying out cancer research at Poland’s Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Łukasz has always been fascinated by the natural world. He spends much of his spare time taking photographs, developing an artistic approach. Since receiving an award in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, he has collaborated with National Geographic Poland.

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