WPY 2012

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Runner-up 2012

World in Our Hands

David Chancellor, UK

Trophy room

The sheer diversity of stuffed animals in the one room is extraordinary, but the focal point is not the leopard or the rhino but the man with the cigar, relaxed in the corner. He is a lawyer from Dallas, Texas, and has shot all of the animals. In fact, his collection amounts to more than 230 stuffed and mounted trophies, which he has killed during a lifetime of hunting. He is a recipient of the Dallas Safari Club Africa Big Game Award for his collection of African elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard, and the Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award for his 30-year quest and collection of all 30 North American ‘big game’ animals, of which 15 are ‘records class’ (big). The picture is one of a series of thought-provoking images that David has taken to ‘illustrate the complex relationship between man and animal, hunter and hunted’.

Technical specification

Mamiya 7 II + 80mm f4 lens; 2 sec at f11; Kodak Portra 160 film; Manfrotto tripod; cable release.

Dallas, Texas, USA: latitude 32.7801, longitude -96.8005 Dallas, Texas, USA: latitude 32.7801, longitude -96.8005

Dallas, Texas, USA

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