WPY 2012

Photograph Details

Commended 2012

Animal Portraits

Jami Tarris, USA

The glance

Two of the young Sulawesi black-crested macaques entered into a boisterous game with an older, stronger male, involving much ear-piercing shrieking and chasing. Though they were in high spirits, Jami had spent weeks with them and could tell that their play was becoming increasingly heated. When the playmates huddled briefly together, she snatched a close-up shot. But as she did, the older male threw her an intense and challenging look. ‘I didn’t take this lightly,’ Jami says, and she quickly withdrew to a safe distance. Moments later, the older macaque turned rough, and the younger ones scattered, screeching. The real drama is that these characterful primates are at high risk of extinction, both from poaching and forest loss on their Indonesian island home.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III + 24-105mm f4 lens; 1/30 sec at f4; ISO 400; Speedlite 580EX flash.

Sulawesi, Indonesia: latitude -1.84791, longitude 120.528 Sulawesi, Indonesia: latitude -1.84791, longitude 120.528

Sulawesi, Indonesia

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