WPY 2012

Photograph Details

Commended 2012

15-17 Years

Oscar Dewhurst, UK

Bittern in winter

One of Oscar’s favourite photographic subjects is the bittern. And one of his favourite places to photograph it is at the London Wetland Centre, where several of these secretive herons usually overwinter in the reedbeds. They tend to stay tucked among the reeds, searching for fish at the water’s edge and are notoriously well camouflaged and shy. But when the water freezes, they are sometimes forced out onto the ice to look for food. ‘During the very cold winter of 2010,’ says Oscar, ‘there were seven bitterns at the site.’ He explains how he was in the public hide, photographing a bittern close by, when a blizzard started. He was just about to pack up and leave when he saw ‘another bittern suddenly set off across the ice.’ The image ended up being his favourite shot of the day.

Technical specification

Nikon D300S + 200-400mm f4 lens at 380mm; 1/500 sec at f4; ISO 640.

London Wetland Centre, UK: latitude 51.4771, longitude -0.2351 London Wetland Centre, UK: latitude 51.4771, longitude -0.2351

London Wetland Centre, UK

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