WPY 2012

Photograph Details

Runner-up 2012

11-14 Years

Owen Hearn, UK

Snow hide

It was a night of snow that gave Owen the advantage. ‘After spending countless hours lying in hedges and long grass trying to photograph hares,’ says Owen, ‘I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this hare just metres away, crouched down in the snow.’ Owen also crouched down in the snow and slowly moved forward until he was close enough to fire off four frames. ‘I am sure it thought it was camouflaged,’ he says. Owen’s hare-stalking ground is his grandparents’ Bedfordshire farm. ‘I like the challenge of trying to get close to hares, as they are so alert and so fast. They have taught me a lot about fieldcraft.’

Technical specification

Nikon D300 + 300mm f2.8 lens + 1.7x teleconverter; 1/1000 sec at f4.5; ISO 1000; Induro tripod + Manfrotto ballhead.

Stewkley, Bedfordshire, UK: latitude 51.9237, longitude -0.779882 Stewkley, Bedfordshire, UK: latitude 51.9237, longitude -0.779882

Stewkley, Bedfordshire, UK

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Owen Hearn, UK

Owen’s interest in photography began when he got a point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. The next year he saved up and bought a bridge camera, moving on to a DSLR. He sold all his belongings to buy lenses, taught himself photography using internet tutorials and practised on his grandparents’ wildlife-rich dairy farm.

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